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Capitol Hill’s First & Finest CLEAN GREEN Certified Cannabis Retailer!

Now serving the Ballard area, too.

We’ve expanded to bring the same high quality products at great price points to the Ballard area. Come check us out! Open every day 8 AM - 11:15 PM!

Today's Specials - Saturday, October 19th, 2019

Capitol Hill Specials


Blackberry Kush (IH)

Sunshine Co-op

NYC DIESEL (S) Sunberry (IH)

Buddy Boy Farms

Dutch Queen, God's Gift, Presidential Kush

Brand X is home!

All your favorites are back! King Cake, Dutch Treat, Alien Cookies and more!
Same price $20/3.5g $60/14g  


$20/3.5g $7/g   $35/3.5g $12/g


Lemon or Blueberry Bomber Infused pre-rolls are the new kid on the block! These are no joke if you are trying to smoke!
$8/g Pre-Roll   $10/g Pre-Roll

$4 Hash Infused Joints

Seattle Bubble Works Hash Infused Joints

Capital Green sugar wax & Budda!

New Drop! OG Kush, Gold, Berry & Budda Wax
$10/g wax, $18/Butter  

Refine OG Packaging

Refine OG Packaging
$30   $45

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Ballard Specials

Indiva SALE!!

Indiva 3.5g SALE!
$20/ 3.5g & $7/g   $35/3.5g & $12/g

O'LaLa is 30% OFF!

10mg THC, 50mg THC, 100mg THC and 100mg THC/150mg CBD Sodas in Orange Cream, Honey Dew, Pineapple, & Lemon Lime in
30% OFF  

Heritage Farms Flower

28g/Northern Lights #5

Columbia Natural Cannabis - Clean Green and Orca Safe!

LSD (H), Rebel School Girl (H), Thin Mint GSC (H) and Harle-tsu Cannatonic (high CBD)
$6/1g and $15/3.5g  

Capitol Green $10 Sugar Wax, Crumble & Budda

new strains, new highs -- time to dab!!
$10/g & $18/g(budda)  

$3 Edibles everyday!

You read that correctly if you have two dollars we have you covered.
$2/10mg THC or 1:1 THC:CBD  

Ice-Cream Cannabis

Wedding Cake, Mai-Tai, Gello, Sherbet &Thin Mint Cookies
$8/g joints   $15/g

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