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World peace is a goal.

Inner peace is available now.

Capitol Hill’s First & Finest CLEAN GREEN Certified Cannabis Retailer!

Now serving the Ballard area, too.

We’ve expanded to bring the same high quality products at great price points to the Ballard area. Come check us out! Open every day 8 AM - 11:15 PM!

Today's Specials - Thursday July 18, 2019

Capitol Hill Specials

Capital Green crumble and Butter!

Pineapple, Lebanese, Sun Dime, Grape Dime and more!
$10/g wax, $18/Butter  

$6 5-Pack Pre-Roll (5g)

Heritage 5-Pack Pre-Rolls All strains!!
$6/5-pk   $10/5pk


You're favorite Clean Green Grower just amped their game up. Come try out their newest line to the family sugar wax! The terpenes are loud on this batch!
$20/g   $30/g

Walden Cannabis

Trim jars available - Sour Cookies, Mendo Granny & more!
$18/14g, $30/28g  

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Ballard Specials

$10 Sugar Wax and Crumble!

New grower, new strains, new highs --time to dab!!
$10/g   $15/g

$2 Pre-Rolls & Edibles daily!

You read that correctly if you have two dollars we have you covered!
$2/g or $2/10mg THC or 1:1  

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