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Now serving the Ballard area, too.

We’ve expanded to bring the same high quality products at great price points to the Ballard area. Come check us out! Open every day 8 AM - 11:15 PM!

Today's Specials - 4/25/19

Capitol Hill Specials

Wax Wednesday means one thing: REFINE CONCENTRATES Sale!

So many strains, too little space :-)
$35/g   $45/g

NW Concentrates

Just can't get enough? Well come pick up some more!
$20/g   $30/g

Dorado Shatter is back with a vengeance!

Three Strains: Lost Coast Hashplant, Timewreck, and Jack the Ripper
$10   $20

New Grower - Ice Cream Cannabis

Love the Jungle Boys? You'll Love ICC: Sunset Sherbet (IH), Thin Mint GSC (H), Gello (Gelato Pheno), Mai Tai (Sherb x Purple Punch #6), Grape Dosi (Grape Pie x Do-Si-Do), and Wedding Cake (IH)

Okanogan Gold - New Zip Price

Lemon OG, Super Sour D, and Tangie!
$50   $53

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Ballard Specials

Happy Flower 8am-1pm & now 9pm-11pm!

Heritage $8 Eighth or $7 gram of concentrate by NW nectar
$8/3.5g, $7/g   $10/3.5g, $10/7g


Time to grab your new best friends Ceres, Heylo and Green Revolution!

All Ceres 15% OFF

$20 Balms & Lotions - $15 Tincture THC $30 CBD/THC   $24 - $18 THC , $36 CBD/THC

Green Revolution 20% OFF

Beauty Sleep, Relief, Relief 250, Journey, Paradise and more!
20% OFF  

Refine Concentrates New Price!

Refine x Aurum, Refine x NW Connoisseurs
NEW PRICE $45/g   $50/g


White Tahoe Cookies 3.5g New infused Pre-Rolls! Introducing the MEGA PACK 4-gram INFUSED Pre-Rolls
Regular Price $48/3.5g $15/2pk Pre-Roll $51/4g  

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