What to Know When Visiting a Recreational Dispensary in Seattle

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On May 21, 2018

Not All Marijuana Dispensaries Are Created Equal

Since prohibition ended in Washington State, quite a few recreational dispensaries have been popping up offering cannabis fans plenty of options for getting their bud. Not all of these dispensaries offer a great selection, friendly budtenders and outstanding prices on recreational marijuana products. Spend some time researching the dispensary that ticks all of the boxes for you. Reading customer reviews on sites like Yelp, Weedmaps, Leafly, and Wikileaf will give you a good sense of who the best Seattle dispensaries are.


You’re Going To Have a LOT of Options

Gone are the days when the only bud decision you needed to make was “Shwag, Mids or Dro.” Weed technology has advanced light years in the last decade, and it shows no sign of stopping. Know the basics of modern adult-use cannabis before you take your first visit. Don’t worry; this is the kind of homework that can be fun! Some important topics to understand before making your first legal marijuana purchase in Seattle are:


Indica Vs. Sativa?

These are the two major species of cannabis widely available, and they can have drastically different effects. Dive deep to learn about each and decide if you’ll be trying an Indica product, a Sativa, a Hybrid of the two or a sampling of all three.


Methods of delivery

It’s not just grass anymore! You may want to roll a joint or purchase a “pre-roll” that’s ready to smoke. You may want to smoke some “flower” (nugs) from a pipe or vape some hash oil (dabs) from a rig. You may want to try an edible, some topical cream or a concentrate cartridge… You get the idea.


Different strains

Each species of cannabis is further divided into different “phenotypes” also called strains. These strains can have some wacky names, but they’re more than just marketing gimmicks-every strain has unique properties that individuals may prefer over others. Flavor, aroma, effects, and potency can change drastically from one strain to another. Get a sense of what you like before visiting, and your decisions will be much easier.


You’ll Need Cash

Sorry, but because of the federally illegal status of cannabis most credit card companies won’t get involved with its purchase. Hit the ATM before you arrive and save time.


Keeping It Legal

We’ve got a great thing with legal weed in Washington, and we want it to keep going for a long time. No dispensaries will take chances that will jeopardize their new livelihood. You’ll need a government-issued ID proving you’re over 21 to enter a dispensary in Seattle and no exceptions will be made.

While we’re talking about the law, don’t plan on reselling your purchases to someone else-its still illegal to sell cannabis without proper licensing. Sharing is cool though (as long as the recipient is legal!)


Be Patient!

Good things take time, and legal weed in Seattle is no different. You may need to wait for an experienced budtender to assist you. Take this time to look around and think about your purchases. Enjoy this moment of peace amid your hectic day. And it couldn’t hurt to bring a book!


Set a Budget and Stick to It

It’s easy to go crazy when surrounded by so many goodies for the first time. Don’t get overwhelmed and don’t go crazy! Try to bring only as much cash as you’re ready to spend. Some cannabis products can get stale over time. Consider sampling many different products rather than committing to a large amount of a single one. Remember, it’s legal now; you can always come back!


Ask Questions

This one is often overlooked. Budtenders are working at recreational dispensaries in Washington State for a reason-they love weed and love sharing their knowledge with others. Let them help you make your purchases. Ask about individual strains; what the best way to consume them is, what products are best for any medical condition you may have, talk about your tastes, any apprehension or fear you may have and the like.


Don’t Forget the Patience!

Don’t smoke in the parking lot-it’s still illegal to consume cannabis products in public and regardless it’s just not a good look. Be patient. Take this time to savor the moment: gather your friends, look up how to roll a joint on YouTube or clean out your favorite glass piece. Wait until you’re comfortable in a private residence and a relaxed mindset for the best experience. Start low and go slow. Weed will be legal here for a while; there’s no need to rush.

And please, please, PLEASE don’t dose and drive. It’s very illegal, very irresponsible and not cool.

Check out our website for the answers to more frequently asked questions about recreational cannabis in the Seattle area. And contact us anytime with your queries about legal bud. We’re here to help!