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Cannabis Deals To Get You Through The Week - Note: Deals Subject To Change Without Notice

Capitol Hill Specials for Monday 20, 2019

Broken J 420 is back!

Come check out their new strains!

Herba is Back

4 Strains: Strawberry Cough (S), Malawi Lightening (SH), Loctite (H), Super Glue #4 (IH)
$26/3.5g   $35/3.5g

ECC Full Gram Carts!

These hitters are a sweet combo of live resin and high terpene extract!

TKO Carts! Get Knocked Out!

Multiple Strains!

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Ballard Specials for Monday 20, 2019


Brands include: Magic Kitchen, Happy Apple, O'lala, 4.20 Mini's & more!
15% OFF original price!  

Happy Flower Hour 8am-1pm & now 9pm-11pm!

Heritage $8 Eighth or $10 gram of LIVE RESIN or CRUMBLE by NW
$2/g Pre-Roll, $8/3.5g, $7/g   $10/3.5g, $10/7g

Feel like royalty and join our Loyalty Rewards!

Sign up for our Ruckus Loyalty Rewards! Enter your phone number online or sign up in-store. Once signed up you automatically receive 50 points!
Use your points to receive a $2 GRAM (only 20 points)!  

New Drop from TJ's Organics

9lb hammer is back! Heavy Indica that hits all the right notes.
$49/3.5 $15/g ,$12/g Pre-Roll or 2 for $20 Pre-Roll  

Clean Green Certified - Eagle Tree Farms!

Royal AC/DC - An indica dominate CBD strain that varies from 2:1 or 1:1 ratios!
$6/2pk pre-roll, $9/g, $30/ 3.5g  

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Capitol Hill Weekly Specials

Munchie Monday


Blue Raspberry CBD
$35   $45

Emerald Peaks

$32   $42

Top Shelf Tuesday

New Grower - Ice Cream Cannabis!

Love the Jungle Boys? You'll Love ICC's: Sunset Sherbet (IH), Thin Mint GSC (H), Gello (Gelato Pheno - H), Mai Tai (Sherb x Purple Punch #6), Grape Dosi (Grape Pie x Do-Si-Do), and Wedding Cake

Budwise Eighths

All Strains!
$28/3.5g   $35/3.5g

Deluge Hash Infused Pre-Rolls!

Try 'em all! Six Strains: Baby Hulk (H), Lil' Baby Jesus (I), Noisy Crickets (S), Baby Blues (SH), El Chapo (S), and Lil' CBDeezy (CBD-H)
$4/g   $6/g

Wax Wednesday - 5/1/19

Refine Classic Cartridge Sale! Over 30% Off!

Four Strains: Gelato (H), Tangie (S), Blue Raspberry (H), and Strawberry Banana (I)
$15   $24

Dorado Amber Shatter is lights out!

Three Strains: Lost Coast Hashplant (I), Timewreck (H), and Jack the Ripper (S)
$15/g   $20/g

Mt. St. Helens Crumble is l-e-g-i-t!

8 Strains! Too Many to List!
$16   $20

Topical Thursday

Sunshine Co-Op

Mystic Diesel & Sour Diesel
$60/28g, $32/14g!   $75/28g, $39/14g

Green Barn Farms

$35   $45

Canna Organix Pre-Roll Sale!

All 2x.5g packs - $7! Single .5g - $4!

Ballard Weekly Specials

Munchie Monday

NW Nectar Fruit & Nut Hash Bar

NEW Flavors! These healthy little snacks pack a punch! 1:1 THC/CBD

Koko Gemz Belgian Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate single 10mg

4.20 Mini's 10pk Chocolate Bars

All Flavors!
20% OFF   THC $27, CBD $45

Double Delicious Capsules

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, & CBD
$10/THC $15/CBD   $15/THC $18/CBD

Is your kitchen lacking in the snacking department? Stock up on Magic Kitchen w/20% OFF today only!

Marmas, Pebbles, and Koko Gemz 10packs! **CBD, or THC/CBD options available
20% OFF ALL 10-PACKS   $27/10pk, $20/10pk, $30/10pk

O'lala Orange Cream Soda

All 10mg, 50mg, 100mg on sale! Budtender hint: Try this w/some vanilla ice-cream! (Make sure it isn't fat-free for the ultimate experience!)
$5, $9, $17   $7/10mg, $12/50mg, $22/100mg!

Top-Shelf Tuesday


50% OFF   $9/ 2pk Pre-Roll, $12/G, $45/3.5G

Aurum Farms

ALL Flower and Pre-Rolls
40% OFF   $48/3.5g, $15/g, $12/ 2pk Pre-Roll

40% OFF Platinum Gardens ALL Products

ALL STRAINS! Lemon Marmalade, Abusive OG, and more! Did we mention their 2-pack Pre-Rolls come with an extra bowl snap? If you are unsure what that means you need to come check it out!
$6/ 2pk Pre-Roll, $7/G, $21/3.5G   $10/ 2pk Pre-Roll, $12/G, $35/3.5G

TJ's Organics 20% OFF ALL PRODUCTS

Durban Poison (S), Rude Boi (H), White Label (IH)
20% OFF   $12/Pre-Roll, $15/g $48/3.5g $365/28g

Come get your Top Shelf!

Ice-Cream Cannabis, Cookie Jar Cannabis, Constellation Gardens & Lilac City Gardens!
15% OFF   $48-$52 3.5g $12-15 Pre-Roll

Honorable Mention Budwise!!

Strains include - Holy Grail Kush (HGK), Animal Cookies (H), Kush Dreams (H), Pineapple Express
$28/3.5g   $35/3.5g

Wax Wednesday - 5/1/19

NW Nectar

Multiple Strains - Live resin
$7   $10

Heylo *Cartridges and Pods 25% OFF, Pax $5.00 OFF

Strains in include *Mother of Dragons (H), *Kandy Kush (IH), *Star Bud (H), *Dutch 47(SH), Remedy (CBD) and much more!
25% OFF, $25 Pax Battery   Pax Battery $30


G.S.C (H), 9lb Hammer (IH), AC/DC (CBD), Block Head (CBD)
$20/g $16/g (CBD)   $25/g $25/g CBD

Refine Premium Carts - 50% OFF FULL GRAM!

Death Star OG (I), Super Lemon Haze (SH), Blue Raspberry (H)
$35   $70


$20/g   $30/g

Okanagon Gold Wax

Grape Ape, Purple Diesel, Super Sour Diesel and more!

Kibble Junction CRUMBLE $15

Tangie, Purple Princess, Lemon Diesel and so many more!

NEW GROWER! Mountain High Organics

Crumble - Super Lemon Haze (SH), GG#4 (H)

T&T Thursday

Green Revolution

All Topicals & Tinctures from Green Revolution
25% OFF TODAY!  

Ceres Tinctures

Zen, Balance, Indica & Sativa
25% OFF   $36, $24, $18

Ceres Topicals

Dragon Balm, Renew, Recovery & more!
25% OFF   $24


Heylotion - Locomotion
25% OFF