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Cannabis Deals To Get You Through The Week - Note: Deals and Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

Capitol Hill Specials for Saturday, September 21st, 2019


$20/3.5g (until 9/23)   $35/3.5g

Heritage Farms

Trainwreck, Northern Lights, Double Dream, Blueberry Dj Shorts & Pineapple Kush

High Frequency Farms is back!

Trainwreck, Pineapple, Dirty Girl & UK Cheese!


Blackberry, Blueberry Flame, Cantaloupe Haze, Creamsicle, Dutch Treat, Fire OG, Fruit Punch GDP, Peppermint Phatty, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough, Super Lemon Haze, Tangi

Capital Green sugar wax & Budda!

Oh So Berry, Toke Sunberry, Pineapple OG, OG Wax and more!
$10/g wax, $18/Butter  


Multiple strains like Pineapple Express, Grand Daddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies
$20/g   $25

NW NECTAR in the house!

Panama Red (S)
$15/3.5g   $20/3.5g

1 for $6 or 2 for $10 5-Pack Pre-Roll (5g)

Heritage 5-Pack Pre-Rolls
1 for $6/5-pk or TWO for $10!   $10/5pk

Capital Green Flower

Blueberry, Black Cherry Bomb, The Grape, Tonasket Blueberry
$6/g $15/4g   $7/g

2pk Joints NW Nectar & Lefty's

2pk Joints NW Nectar & Lefty's

Capitol Green Infused Bomber

Capitol Green Infused Bomber

Refine OG Packaging

Refine OG Packaging

Doghouse Supreme Flower

Doghouse Supreme
$13/g & $40/3.5g  

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Ballard Specials for Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Indiva 1/8's SALE! (until 9/23)

Indiva 3.5g SALE! (until 9/23)
$20   $35

O'LaLa is 30% OFF!

10mg THC, 50mg THC, 100mg THC and 100mg THC/150mg CBD Sodas in Orange Cream, Honey Dew, Pineapple, & Lemon Lime in
30% OFF  


Salmon River, Nectar Haze
$4/g, $10/3.5g  

Heritage Farms Flower

28g/Northern Lights #5 and 3.5g/Pineapple Kush
$12/3.5g & $75/28g  

Constellation Gardens!

Flower and Pre-Rolls
$48/3.5g $15 2pk infused Pre-Roll  

Columbia Natural Cannabis - Clean Green and Orca Safe!

LSD (H), Rebel School Girl (H), Thin Mint GSC (H) and Harle-tsu Cannatonic (high CBD)
$6/1g and $15/3.5g  

$6/5 PACK or two 5pks for $10! Each pre-roll is a full gram!

Strains include Sativa, Indica and Hybrid
$6/5pk (5g) $10/10pk (10g)   $10/5pk

Capitol Green $10 Sugar Wax and Crumble!

new strains, new highs --time to dab!!

$2 Edibles everyday!

You read that correctly if you have two dollars we have you covered.
$2/10mg THC or 1:1 THC:CBD  

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Capitol Hill Weekly Specials

Munchie Monday

15% OFF ALL 10- Pack Edibles

All 10-pack fruit chews, beverages, chocolates, cookies on sale! *excludes tinctures
15% off regular price  

Top Shelf Tuesday

15% OFF Ice Cream Cannabis!

Love the Jungle Boys? It's time for you to meet your newest love: Ice Cream Cannabis! Come grab their Sunset Sherbet (IH), Thin Mint GSC (H), Gello (A Gelato Pheno ), Mai Tai (Sherb x Purple Punch #6), Grape Dosi (Grape Pie x Do-Si-Do), and Wedding Cake!
$15% OFF regular price Eighths  


Constellation Cannabis, TJ's Organics, and Cookie Jar Cannabis
15% OFF original price  

Deluge Hash Infused Pre-Rolls are back!

Try 'em all! Six Strains: Baby Hulk (H), Lil' Baby Jesus (I), Noisy Crickets (S), Baby Blues (SH), El Chapo (S), and Lil' CBDeezy (CBD-H)
$6/.5g, $10/2pk $19/4pk  

Wax Wednesday

Refine LOUD Concentrates OG packaging! Once it is gone it is gone!

Refine x Royal Tree Gardens - Chem Pie OG (1g) Refine x Sk├Ârd - Star Killer, Refine x Royal Tree Gardens - Middlefork, Refine x Burnwell - Chem Sour ,Refine x Royal Tree Gardens - The Sweeties, Refine x Royal Tree Gardens - Tres Star, Refine x Stable Cannabis - Sage'n Sour, Refine x Green Valley Society - Extreme OG x Alien Orange Cookies, Refine - Royal Tree Gardens LSD, Refine x Aurum Farms - Chem I-95
Loud Resin Always $35/g   $45

15% OFF Canna Organix wax!

Live Resin and Terp Crystals on Sale
15% OFF  

Topical Thursday

Topical and Tincture 15% off regular price!

Heylo topicals - Green Revolution - Ceres tinctures & topicals!
15% OFF   $24-$53


Come meet the folks from Happy Apple and learn how they create such an bubbly great tasting beverage!
ALL mg on sale 10mg, 50mg, 1:1 both 30mg & 100mg, 100mg  

Ballard Weekly Specials

Munchie Monday

15% OFF ALL 10pk Edibles

Munchie Monday
15% OFF  

NW Nectar Fruit & Nut Hash Bar

NEW Flavors! These healthy little snacks pack a punch! 1:1 THC/CBD

Koko Gemz Belgian Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate single 10mg

4.20 Mini's 10pk Chocolate Bars

All Flavors!
15% OFF   THC $27, CBD $45

Top-Shelf Tuesday

TJ's Organics 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS

Durban Poison (S), Rude Boi (H), White Label (IH)
15% OFF   $12/Pre-Roll, $15/g $48/3.5g $365/28g

Come get your Top Shelf!

Ice-Cream Cannabis, Constellation Gardens
15% OFF   $48-$52 3.5g $12-15 Pre-Roll

15% OFF all 3.5g $45 and up!

Top Shelf just blew up! Come snag all your favorites 3.5g on sale today!
15% OFF   $45 and up!

Wax Wednesday

Refine LOUD Concentrates & Northwest Concentrates

LOUD Resin - Refine Cartridges - ALL Northwest Concentrates on sale
Loud Resin Always $45/g & 15% OFF regular price wax and cartridges  

Heylo *Cartridges and Pods 15% OFF

Strains in include *Mother of Dragons (H), *Kandy Kush (IH), *Star Bud (H), *Dutch 47(SH), Remedy (CBD) and much more!
15% OFF   $36-$45


G.S.C (H), 9lb Hammer (IH), AC/DC (CBD), Block Head (CBD)
$20/g $16/g (CBD)   $25/g $25/g CBD

T&T Thursday

Double Delicious Infusionz

Available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD
15% OFF   $20 THC $25 CBD

Green Revolution

All Topicals & Tinctures from Green Revolution
20% OFF TODAY!  

Ceres Tinctures

Zen, Balance, Indica & Sativa
15% OFF   $36, $24, $18

Ceres Topicals and Pump lotions

Dragon Balm, Renew, Recovery & more!
15% OFF   $24


Heylotion - Locomotion
15% OFF