Pre-rolls Are Perfect For Spring Break

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On April 17, 2018


You’re home from college in Seattle and tired of watching the action on Instagram. It’s time to unwind and catch up with your friends, but you don’t want to spend your time at a chaotic bar or club. Ruckus Recreational has your fix of relaxation and fun with our certified green organic pre-rolls, and they’re the best choice for college students coming home for spring break!

What Is a Pre-roll? It’s Cannabis Made Easy!

A pre-roll is simply a joint (the iconic cannabis cigarette enjoyed for over a century) that is made for you by Ruckus Recreational. All of the guesswork, messiness and hours of YouTube research on “how to roll a joint” have been taken out of the process. No grinder, pipe or papers are needed. All you need is a source of fire and a relaxed place to enjoy! Our pre-rolls are guaranteed fresh and tight offering a perfect drag every time. When you’re done with our pre-rolls, simply toss the biodegradable filter, and your cleanup is complete. It couldn’t be simpler!

Don’t Buy More Than You Need

Sorry, but you just can’t take cannabis with you when you go back to school, especially if you’re leaving the state! Pre-rolls are portioned out so you can buy as many as you’ll smoke in the time you’re home, and you don’t need to toss any products away when you return to campus.

Learn Something New

Who says you need to stop researching when you’re away from school? Ruckus Recreational has the best pre-rolls in Seattle at the best prices. Try a lot of them! Our pre-rolls are priced to encourage consumers to experiment with different types of strains. Collect your friends, pool your money and have a fun taste test. Let your inner aficionado come out while you identify the subtleties in flavor between new strains of cannabis. Compare notes on the differing effects, aromas, and flavors. You’ll return to school a relaxed and well-informed cannabis connoisseur.

While you’re here, take advantage of our specials to try something new!

Share an Iconic Joint With Friends

There are a ritual and rite to sharing a pre-roll with your closest friends that dates back many years. Some of the best connections and conversations begin with the sparking of a joint and a pass to the left. Grab some snacks, collect your friends and create some lifelong memories with a circle of those people who are most important to you.

Let Ruckus Recreational help you make the most of your break from school. Grab your ID and stop by our dispensary to enjoy our Certified Green cannabis and the best pre-roll prices in Seattle.