Four Gifts for the Holidays for Recreational Consumers

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On November 21, 2017

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start your holiday shopping if you haven’t already. Looking to find the perfect gift and avoid the holiday rush associated with more traditional gifts? Visit our marijuana dispensary in Seattle instead. Marijuana products make unique gifts and say how much you care in ways that a tie or a gift card just can’t. Here are four great gift ideas for all the recreational consumers in your life.

  • Edibles: Edibles offer the tastiest way to consume. Choose between chocolates, caramels, gummies, cookies, brownies and other candies and treats. Think “a spoonful of sugar” to help the herbs go down. In this form, users can indulge their taste buds and the rest of their senses, turning the experience into a much more enjoyable one.
  • Muscle Melt Heating Rub: Nothing says holiday relaxation quite like a relaxing massage. Take this experience to the next level with this topical by Ethos, which will actively help the muscles loosen up. This makes a perfect gift for the special someone in your life, or even just for someone who deals with a lot of stress.
  • Pre-rolls: Another way to show you care is to give a gift of pre-rolls. These are ready-to-smoke joints that have already been expertly rolled
  • Cartridges: Instead of a partridge in a pear tree, get them a cartridge for their vaporizer! Cartridges are easy to load, and when they’re empty, they can just be thrown away. They make an excellent gift for someone who is always on the go. No vaporizer? Spring for one of those, too, and you’re sure to make their holiday season memorable.

Clean Green Certified: What Does it Mean?

When you’re buying recreational weed in Seattle, one term you’re sure to hear bandied (I’m not sure what bandied means here) about is “clean green certified.” This is simply the marijuana industry’s version of “organic.” Since the FDA doesn’t regulate marijuana as an allowed crop, there’s none of the oversight that makes buying organic worthwhile, so the industry created this standard to help consumers judge the quality of the product.

If you’re an experienced customer, you already know how important it is to buy high-quality marijuana. Even if you’re a newbie, though, don’t worry about your ability to find the right gift. Our experienced staff will be happy to explain our menu and find an appropriate gift. Contact us today for unique gifts you’ll give this holiday season.