– We could go in to specific detail, but to keep it simple Sativa gives you an uplifted energetic feeling. Indica gives you a relaxed and tranquil feel.

-Anyone over the age of 21 years old with a valid state issued ID that is not expired can purchase products.

-You may purchase up to one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis per transaction.

-People the age of 21 and older can possess up to one ounce of cannabis flower, 16 ounces of infused products in solid form and 72 ounces of infused products in liquid form.

-At a private residence. If you use cannabis in a public place, you may be subjected to a fine.

-The Washington State Liquor Control Board has more information about cannabis rules in Washington.

On a botanical level, there is no difference between recreational (adult-use) and medical marijuana. They are both products of the same plants and contain the same compounds that affect the body in the same way. Recreational consumers can enjoy medical marijuana as well.

There can be some differences between the strains offered by medical dispensaries and recreational dispensaries. Medical patients benefit from strains with a higher level of CBD, which has many medical applications but does not get users “high.” Recreational consumers tend to enjoy strains with higher levels of THC, which have the desirable psychoactive effects.

There are differences between procedures for getting cannabis from a medical facility and an recreational facility. These include:

  • Patients over the age of 18 can purchase from a medical facility if they have a valid card. Recreational consumers must be over 21 to purchase.
  • To obtain a medical card, you must have a qualifying condition and apply following the steps required by the State of Washington.

Flowers are cannabis in its purest form. These are the parts of the plant that would bear seeds in nature that have been dried and cured for use. Flowers are the parts of the plant richest in “trichomes” which contain the active cannabinoids that give users the desired effects when smoked.

Pre-Rolls consist of cannabis flowers that have been cured, crushed, and wrapped in smoking papers in sanitary conditions. Pre-rolls are ready to smoke requiring only a fire source.

Concentrates are the result of dissolving only the desirable compounds of cannabis in a solvent and then purging the solvent. This leaves a highly concentrated mass of cannabinoids and terpenes without chlorophyll or plant matter that can be easily enjoyed in much smaller amounts.

Edibles are foods or drinks that contain active cannabinoids. The effects of consuming cannabis edibles can be drastically different from the effects of smoking.

Topicals are salves, lotions, oils, patches, or creams that can be applied directly to the skin to relieve pain or discomfort without any of the psychoactive effects of consuming cannabis via smoking or eating.

Cannabis flowers or concentrates can be smoked using your favorite pipe or vaporizer. They can also be rolled and smoked in a way similar to a cigarette.

As the names imply, edibles are eaten, and topicals are applied to the skin.

The best way to determine an individual’s desired dosage is by speaking with a dispensary about how you’re intaking cannabis and other concerns you have. Every person’s body is different, and effects of cannabis can vary according to weight, sex, metabolism, and a body’s familiarity with marijuana.

As a general rule, start low and go slow. Overconsumption of cannabis can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, increased heart rate, and paranoia in some users. When smoking or vaping, start with one drag and wait 15 minutes before taking more. With edibles, consume 10mg on a full stomach and wait at least 1.5 hours before taking more (if desired). Edibles can take some time to metabolize in the body, but once they do, the effects can be very powerful.

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