What is
Clean Green Certified?

we ONLY partner with ethical vendors who strive to bring products of utmost quality to the market at an affordable price!

Ruckus has more Clean Green Certified growers in Seattle than any other retail store in the state. Ruckus believes strongly in responsible and sustainable cannabis cultivation.

Clean Green Certified is the number one certifier nation-wide for cannabis cultivated using international sustainable and organic practices. Legally, marijuana cannot be called organic. The term “organic” is federally regulated and the USDA does not recognize cannabis as a legitimate agricultural crop.  Clean Green Certified was created in 2004 as a way to regulate legal cannabis-products that called themselves “organic.”

Some weedModeled on national and international sustainability, organic and biodynamic program standards, the Clean Green Certified program requires on-site inspections and third-party lab testing.  Much like third party certifications for traditional agricultural products, the whole life cycle of the plant is considered, from seed selection to harvesting and processing.   In addition, soil, nutrients, pesticide use, mold treatment and dust control are analyzed. Clean Green Certified also goes further than the USDA organic in some areas, requiring every operator to undergo pesticide testing every year, rather than only a small percentage of farms. Additionally, each cannabis operation must put into place a carbon footprint reduction planwater conservation measures and fair labor practices.


As the movement to shop ethically and organically expands beyond food, more and more people have taken an interest in learning about the origins of the products they use. Consumers look for organic labels to determine whether their favorite foods and products are responsibly and ethically made, but have you ever wondered about how your cannabis is grown?

The USDA determines whether crops are organic, but cannabis can’t be certified as organic yet because it is not legal nationwide. So without the organic certification, how can you determine that you’re getting the highest-quality cannabis?

Look for Clean Green Certified Cannabis

If you want to ensure you are consuming ethically grown cannabis held to high standards, Clean Green Certified, or CGC, is the only third-party cannabis certification program that is recognized nationally. Ruckus recreational is one of the few Capitol Hill dispensaries that sell clean green certified marijuana.

When you buy CGC products, you are consuming cannabis that has met the requirements of this program. You can be confident that CGC products have been grown without the use of pesticides and have been cultivated with fair-trade and sustainable practices in mind.

How is testing done?

In some ways, the rigorous standards set by CGC go even further than the certification process of USDA organic produce.

Clean Green Certification requires on-site inspections and third-party lab testing. This process evaluates the whole life cycle of the plant, from seed selection to the harvesting and processing of the plant. Testing monitors the entire growth process, including the soil and nutrients. Plants are also inspected for pesticide use, mold treatment and dust control.

Every operator is required to undergo pesticide testing each year to ensure that they are meeting standards. Plants are carefully inspected under magnifying lenses. Clean Green representatives take soil samples that are sent to a licensed third-party testing lab to ensure quality of soil. Water conservation measures are evaluated as well.

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Why choose a marijuana dispensary that is Clean Green Certified?

Choosing Clean Green Certified cannabis means that you are using the cleanest and most ethically grown cannabis on the market. Ruckus Recreational only partners with ethical vendors and we have an extensive menu of quality, clean cannabis. You can be sure that your cannabis has been grown, processed, stored and transported following guidelines set in place by Clean Green Certified growers.

The transparency and accountability that Clean Green Certification provides ensures you can be confident that your cannabis has been grown and cared for using fair labor practices through the entire process. Please contact us for more information.

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