Cannabis Tinctures at Ruckus Recreational

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On May 25, 2018

Cannabis tinctures were the most frequently used form of medical marijuana before prohibition in 1937. Today, both medical cannabis patients and recreational marijuana users are turning to tinctures as their go-to method of ingesting their weed. Ruckus Recreational’s Certified Clean Green dispensary in Seattle is proud to carry an assortment of high-power tinctures that are potent, tasty, and easy to use. But we commonly hear the question “What is a cannabis tincture?” Here’s the lowdown.


What is a Tincture?

A cannabis tincture is a liquid containing the active ingredients from marijuana flowers (especially THC, CBD and some terpenes) extracted from the plant and suspended in food grade alcohol. Tinctures are typically sold in tinted glass bottles that protect its potency and slow down the active ingredients’ deterioration over time.

A tincture is a cross between an edible and a concentrate. It should NOT be confused with other edibles that are sold in single doses and should be consumed all at once. A bottle of tincture usually contains an eyedropper for consistency over several doses. Do NOT drink an entire bottle of tincture.


What are the Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures?

There are many reasons customers at our Capital Hill dispensary choose to dose with tinctures.

  • Subtlety – There is no telltale odor or smoke associated with tinctures, and they can be taken very quickly without any fancy equipment or a fire source.
  • Reliability – Dosing with tinctures is very consistent from day to day. Its timing and effects are also far more predictable than smoking, vaping or edibles.
  • Relaxed – Tinctures have a slower onset than inhaling and faster than edibles. Plenty of time to get yourself prepared.
  • Healthier – Cannabis tinctures are great for those who want to medicate with cannabis without risking lung damage associated with smoking.
  • Long lasting – The effects last longer than inhaled cannabis
  • Guilt-free – Tinctures are low in calories and have a low glycemic effect. Those who are on restrictive diets tend to prefer them over standard edibles.

How Do I Use Cannabis Tinctures?

The preferred method of ingesting a tincture for most users is sublingual (under the tongue.) Dosages are marked on the packaging and if you have any questions about the amount to take the first time, speak to your budtender. As with any cannabis product, you’re going to have a better time if you start low and go slow. Take the minimum recommended dosage and wait patiently for the effects. You may find yourself waiting for 20-60 minutes. Be patient! It’s better to consume too little than too much as you can always take more if needed.

Some prefer to mix their cannabis tincture in a drink or swallow it directly. This may mute the effects and will likely take a longer time to kick in because it has to go through the digestive system to the liver before being metabolized in effective doses in the circulatory system. A few drops under the tongue enters the bloodstream directly and more efficiently. You may find that a higher dosage is necessary when swallowing a tincture, and the effects may last longer than sublingual absorption.

Those with a history of alcohol abuse or those who refrain from its use for any reason may want to avoid tinctures as a means of medication. Don’t worry; there are tons of other means to get your cannabis!

This is just a quick overview of cannabis tinctures. For more information, talk to our budtenders at Ruckus Recreational with any questions you may have. Be sure to ask them about its responsible sourcing (we are, after all, a Certified Green Dispensary!) and any specials we might have on tinctures, flowers, edibles, and oils. Knowledge is power, and you want your first experience with a cannabis tincture to be a powerful experience!