About Us

Founded with an eccentric spirit and an ambitious goal: to deliver a retail experience unlike any other.

Sam Burke entered the marijuana retail license lottery in 2013. Thousands applied for the 21 available Seattle licenses. Sam won the lottery and was issued a license in 2014.

Sam spent the next year targeting Capitol Hill locations. Eighteen separate entities applied for the same area. Sam was the first to be approved despite two prior application rejections. He demonstrated the State used the wrong tax parcel to deny his previous Capitol Hill applications.

Ruckus passed its final state inspection July 2015; however, a competitor opened an all ages arcade across the street from Ruckus that kept it closed for an additional five months. Washington State law prevents any cannabis retail store from opening within 1000 feet from an all ages arcade.

Sam persevered and opened his store Dec 04, 2015. He chose the name Ruckus to describe his store’s turbulent beginning. The store window has a decal of a bird perched on a man’s extended tongue. That is Ruckus’s way of giving the competitor across the street that kept it closed “The Bird”. Ruckus is Capitol Hill’s first Recreational Pot Shop. Ruckus is where the locals shop.

Our Vision

We consistently bring in growers and processors that are superior to our competitors. It’s our goal to consistently and graciously give you the added touch of premier bud-tender knowledge. Ask our budtenders for selection ideas, suggestions on our favorite edibles or any marijuana product we might carry.