5 Reasons You Should Switch to Clean Green Certified Marijuana

  • Posted by agency-it
  • On March 14, 2018

Clean Green Certification is cannabis’ answer to USDA Organic Certification. Clean Green is a third-party inspection program developed in 2004 to bring rigorous standards to the cannabis industry. The standards are even stricter than those set by the USDA, and guarantee cannabis could legally be called “Organic” if the USDA recognized it as a legitimate crop. Here are some of the reasons Ruckus Recreational is proud to help you go green:

1. Quality

They’re just really good! Clean Green Certified cannabis has been winning Cannabis Cups for many years. There’s unquestionably a difference between the flavor and aroma of a Clean Green bud and one that’s been grown with synthetic pesticides. And sanitary inspections prevent mold, mildew or other unpleasant microbes from stinking up your bud. Clean Green means great bud.

2. We All Love the Earth

Clean Green Certification means cannabis is grown sustainably, using natural fertilizer and no synthetic pesticides that can pollute soil or water. They also inspect water systems to ensure they’re from a legal source and they have runoff protection barriers to reduce harmful runoff into neighboring streams.
Finally, to be certified all growers and handlers must have a program in place for carbon footprint reduction. Additionally, that program must improve every year.

3. Keep it Legit

Certification means cannabis was not grown illegally on public lands or by underground cartels. To be part of the Clean Green program, farmers and processors are guaranteeing compliance with state laws and using fair labor practices.

4. Your Health

Until 2004, the cannabis industry had been underground and unregulated for decades. This era saw a much higher potential for dirty processing rooms, unsafe pesticides and other unsafe conditions that would have been regulated in other agricultural industries. The Clean Green Certified label means a grow site is inspected annually and that the finished harvests have been monitored for harmful residue, meeting the rigorous standards set by Clean Green.

5. The Big Picture

Someday, cannabis will be legalized federally. When it finally is, we want future cannabis to be certified organic and not genetically modified or radiated. If we keep the industry clean, safe and sustainable, we can enjoy Clean Green cannabis for years to come.

Ruckus Recreational prefers to partner with ethical growers who use responsible and sustainable cultivation methods. That’s why we carry more Clean Green Certified products than any other retail store in the state. When you buy our Clean Green Certified cannabis, you’re getting the cleanest cannabis that’s been cultivated with fair trade and sustainable practices in mind.